Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Abandoning London

People always want to know what we do in our lives, how we use our arts for London and God, and the answer is that sometimes, we abandon London.

More specifically, last week, my team and I abandoned London for three days and traveled to the countryside of Hertfordshire to meet with other Christian artists for a networking event. But to be honest, it was really more of a retreat.

I think that the biggest revelation for me as I look at these pictures of the event is the realisation that I have a lot of power and voice as a photographer. The only photos of the event are the ones that I took, so everybody who sees them will only see my perspective. What I chose to look at, they will see. I have a great responsibility to glorify Christ with my photography, but I also have the ability to show people who do not know what it means to live radically for Christ.

For me, it means wandering through the woods as the sun rises and singing praises. It means drinking tea with new friends and hearing their plans for introducing others to God through arts. It means dancing and singing and playing guitar in a morning-long worship time, laughing on walks home in the dark, and making ink prints with artists from three different countries. I look at these pictures, and I see hope. I see people who are abandoning everything to go for it with God, to use what He's given them to reach others.

And I want you to see that, too. I want you to be encouraged. People are fighting for Christ, using what they've been given, and not giving up. God is being glorified. His battles are being won.

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