Monday, August 11, 2014

Life on the Fringe

I am sleeping in a bed again!

Only for two more nights, but still.

For the two weeks of outreach in Scotland, our team slept on the floors of churches in Glasgow and Edinburgh. In three days, we move into our own home church as we run a camp for Notting Hill Carnival and begin our Arts Revolution DTS.

It is an exciting time to be in London!

But back to Scotland.

For the first week that we were in Scotland, my teammates and I unexpectedly found ourselves participating in a Kings Kids Wildfire camp. Kings Kids is the youth ministry of YWAM, and the camp was run to do evangelism during the Commonwealth Games (kind of a mini Olympics for the 70-odd nations and territories that are part of the Commonwealth) in Glasgow.

I have to admit that I was not thrilled to find myself a part of a kids' camp. But to be honest, it turned out to be amazing. Those kids were on fire for God! We were there to be the performances that drew the crowd to whom the kids could speak. We performed the same show that we did in Paris, and afterwards, we got to tell the people gathered about Jesus.

Glasgow was so much more receptive to Jesus than it was two years ago, when I was on my DTS outreach. We had over twenty salvations in the week of the camp, and I led three girls to Jesus! It was so exciting to kneel on the high road in Glasgow and pray with them.

After our week at the camp, we went to Edinburgh to participate in the Fringe Festival. I've dreamt of going to the Fringe since I was a child, since it's the largest theatre festival in the world, and I was not disappointed. Not only did we get free tickets for all of us to a musical, but we also got to talk to and pray for a lot of the cast members of the shows. Our sound system took an unexpected journey to a camp outside of Glasgow without us, so we spent several days doing evangelism on the Royal Mile instead of performing. When Melo rescued our sound system, we got a busking license and began performing our show about real joy and the journey to finding it with Christ. We performed in the street without asking for money, and it gave us the opportunity to share with a lot of the visitors to the Fringe.

I love outreach, when we get to share God with people all over the world. I love how we use arts with evangelism to share Christ with people in a way that hits their hearts as well as their understanding.

And there are more than two weeks of outreach still to go!

Having my make up put on before a performance
With other members of our team.

The whole team in Edinburgh

Performing at the Fringe.

The view of the crowd at the Fringe.

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