Thursday, October 29, 2020

we keep rolling

So do you want the good news first, or the more challenging news?

The good news is that Raya and Yvonne have arrived from the States! Actually, they arrived two weeks ago and have just completed their two-week quarantine. We have spent that two weeks learning different skills that we need for running a base (personnel, health-and-safety, visas, finances, and other exciting things) and praying and spending time together. It’s so different to actually have them here in the UK with me, and it’s really nice to finally be able to form a team in one place. And the best bit is that, when all systems are go for us to move to York, we are ready to head up there together!

That being said, we are still currently in London. While the details for moving to York are being hammered out, we keep hitting one roadblock: we need a house. We have currently unsuccessfully applied for two houses and viewed several others, and the problem lies in the amount of money that we make (or rather don’t) a year. On paper, we don’t seem like the most reliable tenants! Little do they know that actually, God faithfully provides for us, and we are amazing tenants who leave houses much better than we find them. Anyway, we need a house to live in, and right now, we are having to travel up to York and back to see each one. Not only is that not cost-convenient, but as our COVID restrictions ramp up again in the UK, it is harder and harder to do that.

So would you pray with us? It is difficult to be rejected for houses that we inevitably get our hopes up for getting. We know that God has a house for us, and we are asking Him to shut doors to houses that aren’t for us, but it is still a difficult process to live out. We are also currently self-isolating with our London housemates, since some of them are a bit under the weather, so that also makes it hard to look for houses in a different city.

We really need your prayers. We aren’t a usual case for tenants, and we need God’s favour as we apply for different houses. We need people to be willing to take a chance on us. Would you mind praying with us for this to happen? 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Hopefully, when next we meet, we will have good news to report. But even until then, we’ve seen God move all along in this process of us going to pioneer a team in York. We know He is faithful, and we know that He will provide us a house. And we thank Him already for how He has moved and how He is moving. 

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