Sunday, February 17, 2013

marching as to war

The arts internship that I am a part of began on 26 January, and since then, I have been kept busy with rehearsals for the production that we are putting up at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill (a pretty famous theatre) in the middle of March. But we have also gone to Camden, Soho, and all around London together.

Instead of telling you about it, I thought you'd like a taste of it:

This is a horse outside of a hair salon in Camden that specializes in false hair with a side of witchcraft:

We also do praise and worship sessions outdoors, in public, frequently. I play the ukulele and sing (although Heather is carrying my ukulele in this picture).

People often talk to us when we are out and about, because it is odd to see so many people from different nations all together (in this picture we have Ecuador, Switzerland, Argentina, Holland, and an English woman):

We also prayer walk around London, and sometimes we end up in creepy art exhibits that open our eyes to the ways that people who don't have God see life (aka, a life without hope):

Last week, I even managed to make it down to Kingston-upon-Thames to visit some missionaries that I worked with in summer 2011.

Last weekend, the drama track and I went to a roadshow to prepare our production for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August (photo by Micah Orsetti).

And finally, discipleship is a founding principle of YWAM, so here's a picture of me with Marta, my discipler/roommate/the lovely cake baker:

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