Sunday, March 3, 2013

a glimpse of a global family

One of the best parts of being a missionary in such an international city is getting to join with people from around the world to spread God's love. This week, our team joined an Indian church in an evangelism event that took us to three different parts of London. Our team provided the spectacle that drew people in, and then we got to tell them about God. I spent a large part of the week playing my ukulele and singing God's praises in the middle of busy London streets. I also had a few conversations that I will never forget, including one with a man named Tony who, when I was done telling him about how much God loved him, sat and silently wept for several minutes.

On Saturday, the members of the church congregation took us back to their church, and I got to experience an Indian worship service. How crazy is it that I am a part of a family that extends around the world, and that, if you follow Christ, you are as well? In what other setting would I be invited to eat and worship with people from India, in the middle of London, with my Argentinian, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, Swiss, Dutch, and English family members? God is so global and unifying. Sometimes I forget that, and yet, this year alone, I have been invited into churches of at least seven nationalities, including Afro Caribbean, Ethiopian, traditional Anglican, Catholic, and Irish.

God is moving in this place, and I am so privileged to be a part of the movement.

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