Monday, March 18, 2013


Taboo did our first production this past week! We did a show called Relentless, a combination of physical theatre, stilt dancing, harness dancing, and live music. Our leader, Christian, even did a painting on stage before the show began.

It was an important time for our team, not only because it was our first production, but also because of the location. We performed in the Tabernacle Theatre in Notting Hill. The theatre has been used by many famous artists throughout the years, but most importantly, it started as a church. We took our production as an opportunity to invite God back into the building.

I narrated in the production, which we wrote (including the music) and rehearsed in the seven weeks leading up to the production. It was a massive undertaking, not only from the production standpoint, but also spiritually. It was also amazing to see the ways that God's strength shown through in the rehearsal process and in the show. It was my first time performing in a Christian context, and I think that what I learned the most was that God's presence takes away a lot of the pressure on the performer. I  knew that God would be present in the performance, because He was present in the rehearsal, and because I didn't try to do the show in my own strength. When you go into a show knowing that you are doing it for God's glory and that He will be glorified, it takes all of the responsibility for the performance out of your hands. God will be glorified, because it has been surrendered to Him and is His.

What an amazing thought.

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