Sunday, March 2, 2014

Morning Commute

During the internship, we do our arts at the church every day, which means a daily walk into Notting Hill. Last week, I realised that this two mile walk constitutes my "daily commute," and that in a few years, when we live in a new section of London, I will want to look back on the daily sites that I take for granted right now.

Then I realised that, for some people, it's probably a dream to wander through Notting Hill daily, to see the Notting Hill Bookshop (of the film Notting Hill fame) and avoid the tourists who take pictures out front, to potentially run into celebrities and prime ministers, to browse the Portobello Road market on the way to Tesco to pick up more bread.

My morning commute is just one of the intricacies of my life that has the ability to lift my spirits on days when I am tired or anxious, and it's a reminder to me that the life that God has planned for me is much more beautiful than anything I could have designed.

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