Sunday, November 15, 2015

new reasons to wonder

It's the season of the year in which we constantly clean the leaves out of the garden (despite not actually having any trees - where do the leaves always come from?), when we press in deep with the Discipleship Training School teachings and turn our eyes to outreach. In a few weeks, the whole team leaves for six weeks of outreach in Puerto Rico. While there, we will use our arts to tell people about Jesus and His love for them. We will be staying at the YWAM base there, which is still a new base, and going to various churches, as well. After outreach, I will visit my parents in the States for a week, as well!

This time of preparation for outreach has led to me trying my hand at videos several times. It's an area in which I've felt God prodding me, encouraging me to move forward, so I've picked up my camera (and my iPhone, let's be honest), and tried to capture pictures that move. It seems like a small leap from photography to video, but it makes me think a lot more of the over-arching message, of the story that encompasses a day or an event of a moment, instead of focusing on the details and split seconds. It makes you think in motion, in movement of light and noise, and to see more broadly than photos alone.

Here are two videos that I've made this month. The first is of the practical time that we have every day to do our art in the church. We spend hours all creating together to prepare for outreach, so it is a glimpse into our everyday life. And yes, that is me getting beaten up in stage combat.

This second video is one that I made by doing two-second clips of video every day for seven weeks. It shows more fully my life (or at least, the funny or beautiful moments of it) for the past seven weeks.

And with that, I just have to say, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I've just shown you hundreds of thousands. This is my longest blog post yet!

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