Friday, July 27, 2012

Arise All Nations

Last night, Arise All Nations kicked off. Two hundred young people from many nations came to London to join us in Olympic outreach. I met people from Orlando, Florida, Finland, Sweden, Nebraska, Portugal, Uganda, South Korea, Holland, Ecuador, and many other places. They are sleeping in churches and going without showers for three weeks in order to spread the news of the Gospel to the nations that are present at the Olympics.

We had a time of worship, and at one point, we sang, "Let It Rain," each in our own language. The South Korean woman in front of me started doing a cultural form of dance to it, and the Swedish toddlers had streamers and were dancing across the front, and the Spirit of the Lord was heavily present.

We are an army for God, nations taking forth His word, and today begins our three weeks of intense evangelism. My DTS is still in teaching, as well, so we have teaching in the mornings, then walk an hour to minister at our church and do evangelism late into the night.

Please pray for the people with whom we come into contact. Pray that their hearts will be prepared for God's message. Please also pray for us, for the DTS, as we are in a time of teaching, but also evangelizing. Simple things like sleep and laundry are not going to happen, and we need prayer in order to stay on fire for God in this time. And finally, please pray for the 200 young people who have come from different nations to sleep on church floors and go out every day to declare the Gospel, that personal drama will be left behind, and that they will be filled with the joy of the Lord.

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