Friday, April 11, 2014

Jesus, Te Amo!

Our team spent two weeks in Mar del Plata, where we lived in the YWAM base a block from the ocean and did performances around the city every day (sometimes twice a day!). I did photography, music, and even dance, and I butchered a lot of Spanish ("Ciao, Pescado," is only a saying in Chile, apparently, and when you say it to the men in a church, they might be a bit confused). It was amazing to be welcomed into various churches, schools, and places around the city, and I am so thankful to the Mar del Plata team for organising everything for us.

I got to try using a suspended hoop at one of the churches.

Chris taught spray painting to some of the youth in one of the churches.

The dancers dancing for the special needs orphans. 

The view from my bed in Mar del Plata.

Painting the home where the special needs orphans live.

Me singing in a concert (taken by Moni, my photography intern).